Where is the best cat boarding in Melbourne?

....Well here it finally is!

Our mission at Home Suite Home is to ensure your cat feels at home with us. That’s why we provide an exclusive five star cattery designed to spoil your cat.

Our newly built cat boarding centre provides ongoing monitoring as we live at the same premises enabling us to provide individualised care by attending to your cat in the morning, right throughout the day until we go to bed at night.

Home Suite Home's cattery has all the adequate space necessary for your cat’s wellbeing because we have designed four customised home environments that tailors to your cat's unique personality.

Our cat boarding home will accommodate cats for owners who have more than one feline, elderly cats with special needs, cats that require daily medication or special feeding requirements.

Our prices start at $20 per day +gst. We invite all types of cats to our boarding centre from all over Melbourne so feel free to call us on 0404 225 229 or scroll down to view our cat accommodation rooms available.

We are a Home Away from Home........

The Urban Jungle - for the ‘shy cat’ that likes to hide away

These peaceful rooms are designed to stimulate your cat’s natural senses. The suites are filled with potted plants and grass, with plenty of natural materials like tree stumps to perch on and boxes to hide in.

Single 900 x 2000 mm
Queen 1200 x 2000mm

The Rumpus Rooms….for the ‘active cat’

The Rumpus Rooms are packed with jumping towers, scratching posts, sprint runs and extra space to run around. In addition, we provide extra interactive toys, so your cat will be continuously stimulated.

King size rooms 2000 x 2200

The Townhouses …'for the adventurous cat’

The Townhouse suites are designed for the cat that loves to roam outside.

They will have access to their very own private garden enclosure, with comfy chairs and pillows to curl into, along with their very own windowsill to watch the world go by.

Room size - 1100 x 4000mm

Mansion Suites…. 'for the lazy cat’

These private luxurious suites are spaciously designed for the cat that needs extra space to move around. They come complete with boutique furnishings, double fronted windows with a large private outdoor courtyard with garden views. This room is secluded from the other cats so your feline will defiantly feel like they are in "a home away from home".

Penthouse - 3000 x 6000

We believe comfort and enrichment is vital for your cat’s stimulation. At no extra charge, our program is packed with interactive toys, cat nip, cat grass, jumping levels, extra bedding and most impotently, our personal time.

Our Daily Cat Menu

If your cat only eats a particular food please let us know. We also provide other feeding options if your cat has other preferences.

Commonly Asked Questions??

Q?My cat is on medication are you able to administer while we are away?
A.Yes we will, as we cater for all cats with special needs. We also have a 24 hour veterinary service if your cat requires a follow up assessment.

Q?My cat can be timid or hard to handle. Will you still accept my cat?
A.Yes as we have a history of working with cats that may not be easy to handle. We use a number of methods to reduce stress and will be considerate at all times.

Q?Can I get updates on how my cat is going?
A.We know it’s human nature to wonder how your beloved feline is going with us at our cattery. We can provide you with updates on Facebook, Instagram, text or email to know how your feline is getting along at our cat boarding centre.

Q?Can I inspect where my cat is going to stay?
A.Yes, we encourage you to have a look at our cattery and choose the best environment to suit your cat's personality.

We also encourage you to bring an item that smells like you or your home, such as a blanket or clothing to assist your cat settling in to our cattery.

Terms of Stay...

As required by the DEPI and disease control measures, we request that you provide a copy of your cat’s vaccination certificate within the last 12 months or 2 weeks prior to admission. Failure to do so may result in your cat not be admitted into our cattery. We will also not accept cats that have an existing contagious illness.